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Streamlight 75375 Battery Stick NIMH For Stinger Replaces 75175 Genuine OEM Part From 19.99 12+


Streamlight 75375 Battery Stick NIMH For Stinger Replaces 75175 Genuine OEM Part From 19.99 12+

0.45 LBS
Usually ships with 24 hours

Product Description

Streamlight 75375 Stinger NIMH Rechargeable Battery Genuine OEM

Replaces old 75175


The NIMH battery will hold the charge longer when the flashlight is not being used.

Replacement Battery Stick for Stinger, Stinger HP, Stinger XT, Stinger XT HP, Polystinger Flashlights.

Brand new inventory!

This is a genuine original Battery stick from Streamlight. We buy weekly and rotate batteries to ensure optimal freshness. Use of other than original Streamlight batteries will void your warranty and could reduce performance. Protect your investment


Stinger LED
StingerDS LED
Stinger HL LED
StingerDS HL LED
Stinger HP
Stinger HP LED
StingerDS HP LED
Stinger XT
Stinger XT HP
PolyStinger LED
PolyStingerDS LED

(This battery stick will not work in the Super Stinger, Ultra Stinger or PolyStinger HAZLO models.)

UltraStinger/SuperStinger batteries is part number 77175 and 77375.
PolyStinger HAZLO battery is part number 76375.


5 inch, NiMh battery stick, 3.6 Volt, 2.6 amp hour, sub-C, rechargeable up to 1,000 times.

Dimensions: Length - 5 1/8" / Diameter - 7/8"

This is a genuine Streamlight part # 75375. Beware of knock-off batteries being sold by non-authorized distributors. We sell only the genuine Streamlight brand.

Which are better, NiCd batteries or NiMH batteries?
For most electronic devices it is better to use NiMH batteries than NiCd batteries. NiCd batteries use Cadmium, a highly toxic heavy metal, that can damage the environment if not disposed of properly. (They should be recycled not discarded). NiMH batteries usually have a higher capacity than NiCd batteries of the same size

Do NiMH batteries have memory effect?
Technically, NiMH batteries do not have a "memory effect", but strictly speaking neither do NiCds. However NiMH batteries can experience voltage depletion, also called voltage depression, similar to that of NiCd batteries, but the effect is normally less noticeable. To completely eliminate the possibility of NiMH batteries suffering any voltage depletion effect manufacturers recommend an occasional, complete discharge of NiMH batteries followed by a full recharge. NiMH batteries can also be damaged by overcharge and improper storage (see the NiCd section immediately above this one). Most users of NiMH batteries don't have to be concerned with this voltage depletion effect. But if you use a device say a flashlight, radio, or digital camera for only a short time every day and then charge the batteries every night, you will need to let the NiMH (or NiCd) batteries run down occasionally.




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